10 thoughts on “as a Christian believing in the power of Feng shui ,Geomancy and luck reading is it a sin?

  1. You seem to be on a slippery slope to believe anything that comes your way.

    Yeah sure, their are plenty of new-agers out there that seem to have the ability to combine christianity with anything they choose.

    But, I believe if you read the bible carefully, it may actually be considered a sin or taboo, not sure, though.

  2. As a Christian, the only power in the universe you should seek is found in God the Father, God the Son and God the holy spirit.

  3. i would say its a sin, cause isn’t geomancy like the belief that the elements(fre, earth, wind, water, etc.) r like gods? in the bible it says do not worship false gods. as for the other stuff i dont know but i know the luck reading thing can hurt your relationship with God. i dont really know anything about feng shui besides it started some where around china and japan.

  4. Ho Ho Ho, Yes Christmas has past and if you believe in those things you need to revisit what you believe about Christianity.

    Ho Ho Ho!

  5. At my church (its episcopalian) the priest’s wife is a feng shui master. and theres really no principle of feng shui that contradictates the Bible, which is a book that runs some people’s lives. as for geomancy, I’ve never heard of it, so i can’t really tell you anything solid. but if you believe that what you are doing is the right choice for you, then by all means do it!!!

  6. as a minister, i encourage all christians to go beyond the archaic preaching and just believe the simple truths the bible taught…jesus loves you, that means you are off the hook.

    feng shui is using that natural balance god wanted us to know
    its 2008, live outside the box….

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