Comparison of two very different works of art between 1870 to 1900….?

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Write a comparison of two very different works of art created within the same historical period. Please refer to the list of artists and periods below to be sure that the works you choose fall within the period we are studying this week. In your 3-paragraph summary of the trip ( different websites you visit)tell the class what pieces of art you liked and why and which ones you did not like and why. Be sure to use descriptive and analytical language in your summary. Integrate background on the artworks and your own observations to enhance your comparison.

Vincent van Gogh
Paul Gauguin
Georges Seurat
Paul Cézanne
Post Impressionism
Pierre Puvis de Chavanne
Gustave Moreau
Odilion Redon
Henri Rousseau

Edvard Munch
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
Auguste Rodin
Arts and Crafts Movement
Art Nouveau
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Louis Comfort
Gustave Klimt

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