5 thoughts on “Do u believe in palmistry,face reading,code of destiny Bazi and Feng Shui all are related to karma?

  1. yes i believe all of that.
    my mum took me to read my palm to decide what field to take in my uni is beneficial for me.

  2. i believe that fengshui is here to help us understand life more – esp how to accept ourselves, and how to make our flaws to our advantage – making our lives even more luckier.

  3. hmm.. i think you have some confusions here.

    Ancestor grave is related to feng shui. Fengshui has nothing to do with karma. But badly built ancestor grave will bring bad luck to your descandant.

    Bazi /Palmistry/Face Reading is regarding one’s life destiny. Bazi is more accurrate since it takes your date & tiime of birth. Slightly related to karma(i belileve so).

    fengshui/palmistry/face reading questions can be directed to me @ http://serpentholm.blogspot.com/
    Currently still learning Bazi. Hopefully could finish it by next year 🙂

  4. Life was fated, however life can be improved by working on it.

    If the fortune teller tells you that you will become very wealthy in the future. Would you stop working today and wait for the day to come?

    And if the fortune teller tells you that you will never have luck in your entire life. Would your go and jump off the tower or river?

    Life is destined by few factors, of course Bai Zi, Feng Shui and stuff like this play certain role in our life but the ultimate outcome of our life still lies on our effort to change our life towards a better stage.

    What I believe is, we need to work hard and smart to accumulate wealth. We need to be high in EQ and interpersonal skill to have bigger network and quality friends. We need to have love and care for our family and friends.

    Then our life will be meaningful and successful.

    “The moment of decision, your Destiny is shaped” – Anthony Robbins.

    This is very true, where you create your own tomorrow because today was created by you yesterday.

    All the Best and You are the Master of your LIFE!

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