Do you find the Religion and Spirituality section frustrating?

I often see people in other sections saying they tend to stay away from the Religion and Spirituality section because it’s just way too intense for them. They often say it is the worst section to visit. In one answer I read just now, the answerer described it as a “ferocious environment”.

Do you think this is true?

Personally I find this section hilarious, it doesn’t annoy me one bit.

31 thoughts on “Do you find the Religion and Spirituality section frustrating?

  1. It cuts both ways. I don’t mind it for the most part, although it does annoy me when atheists ask trolling questions for cheap laughs.

  2. I think its fun too, but if you wanna get banned for no reason its a great place to start

  3. Christian ignorance is frustrating to me. But as I live in the Bible belt, it’s helpful for me to see some actual sane people here making fun of the nutters with me.

    It’s rare that I meet any in real life.

  4. It can be quite a contentious environment, no doubt. Occasionally, though, I have actually learned things about other religions, so it’s not a total loss.

  5. Yes, I guess it can be stressful at times.

    More stressful than hilarious. But usually OK.

  6. ADD and Coffee have helped me through this section, plus I am a pain in the a** to begin with.

  7. It’s like a mudwrestling pit. They’re only frustrating when the mud covers the boobs.

  8. I rarely if ever let something someone says online bother me.
    If it frustrated me, I wouldn’t be here.

  9. I think the Politics section is worse.

    it is frustrating in the sense that many intelligent, thoughtful answers tend to get overlooked in favor of slogans.

  10. While I do find much humor, some good will and lots of fantasy I have to agree that it is a ferocious environment.

  11. There are some posters who are rather intense, but for the most part I like everyone. There are even a few I wish I could meet in real life and hang out with.

  12. I love it that is why I keep coming back over and over again

    scratch that , i just anounced I am leaving this dump

  13. Half of the questions are not even sincere, and they have nothing to do with religion, only trying to get even with someone..
    Yes I find it frustrating and really don´t come here much any more..
    I enjoy answering Bible questions but they are few and far between..

  14. Yeah. This is one of my favorites. It’s intense, but I find it fun. I also love P&S. Which is the exact opposite of this place.

  15. I love this section. It’s fast, fun, hilarious, and yes at times annoying but I still great.

  16. “Intense”, yeah.

    “Frustrating”… often times yeah.

    I think religion is something that’s very important to discuss… and as an added bonus you sometimes see some hilarious stuff in YA R&S.

    For the most part, people here are either rude, callous, or come off as hopelessly oblivious.

  17. It’s a psychiatrists nightmare and a comedy show for atheists.

    D’ont get kicked out like I did for asking if religion was simply organised psychosis.

  18. I am amazed that such hate and ignorance still exists, but I don’t know if I could call that frustrating.

  19. No, I find it funny. The only people who find it “ferocious” are the ones who have a problem with being shown they are wrong or can’t laugh at themselves.

  20. it’s definitely funny, but it’s also very intense, sometimes sad, and sometimes scary. i would definitely say that it is “frustrating,” but mostly i find it interesting.

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