Do you think celebrating the New Year and the Zodiac year of the Tiger is pagan?

Our church has a chinese ministry that celebrates Chinese holidays that seem pagan. Not to long ago they were celebrating the Chinese New Moon Celebration. Isnt this not right for a Christian church?

8 thoughts on “Do you think celebrating the New Year and the Zodiac year of the Tiger is pagan?

  1. it’s not pagan. chinese new year is just a new year based on the lunar calendar. no religious connotations.

  2. All religion stems from paganism. Paganism simply was an earlier system of spirituality and spirituality has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and all borrow elements from one another. Celebrating almost any religious holiday can be considered pagan. Christmas is a celebration of the winter solstice.

    What is right for a Christian church would be to be open-minded and learn from all schools of thought to truly understand the infinite wisdom of the divine. God is infinite, therefore we can always learn more about God.

  3. Just the lunar new year… Pagan beginnings, though it has had, it’s never stopped Christianity before.

  4. No, not necessarily. If you consider anything not Christian pagan then yes its pagan. But if you use the more modern definition of Pagans who self identify that way and practice a Pagan religion, then no its not pagan. I wouldn’t be too worried about it either way, but I’m Pagan so..

  5. See Galatians 4:9-11 about non eternal things
    like “days, and months, and times, and years”.
    Note it’s written unto foolish bewitched “churches”.

    New Year mixes eternal (new) + non eternal (year),
    and such notably ends with the non eternal: ‘Year’.

    God did not send his Son to bring us more Years,
    but rather to bring us “eternal” life has no Years.

    However, let us not condemn those who do such;
    For all such know nots do it out of ignorance,
    not being taught properly by men.

  6. It is Totally abominable in Gods eyes no question and this is how the Evil ones amongst Christians have made all Churches Fallen and of no effect, remove yourself and gain a personal relationship with Christ and he shall lead you to true Christians.

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