Here i how i make my runes. i forgot to say it is recommended that you keep them in a black bag to keep negative energy out and keep a white cloth in the bag so when you are working with the runes you do it on top of the cloth. the book at i showed is ‘Runes: Reading, Casting and Divination’ by Jonathan Lee

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  1. @MagickMoonNikki yer i just use whatever i have. and thanks however i have a new one now that feels so much better

  2. :O ! I never thought about sharpie before. nice !
    I used paint. great video. i love your necklace.

  3. @BlackWitchCool runes were from odinism/asatru not to predict the future but more as to ask questions an get answers from the gods. etc. there are different kinds as well.

  4. Thanks for all that but i bless and consecrate ALL of my items. i just feel that it is not my place to tell others how to do it. whatever works for them. engraving and carving to me puts as much energy into each rune as drawing them. i for one do not have the equipment in order to carve them. i also feel that using stones came from mother earth and therefore a living thing.

  5. Oh and most sites will tell you you can bless/consecrate them on an alter with all the set up saying a prayer…a true rune blessing/consecration is done during a full moon on a season that your most connected with and say a prayer as you bury them in the ground under a tree. Leave them there until you feel it is time to dig them up. Again say another prayer as you do this.

  6. You wont get a correct reading out of your runes because you didn’t say each specific runes prayer when putting the symbol on And you didn’t mention blessing/consecrating them so I take it you didn’t do that either, again you wont get the right reading.. It also puts more power into it if you carve or engrave the symbols. Also the best items to put it on is bone and wood because its lighter and came from a living thing. Also makes it easier to do a 9 piece spread. (because you through them)

  7. So you know (just if you wanna post an Annotation on it) about 10 AUS would be a little less than 8 USD, like about 7.76

  8. Runes are a form of divination. in a way similar to tarot. it depends on what set of runes you use as to how many there are. i use elder futhark which are the oldest to date. it you want i can make a vid on the meanings

  9. Hey its me! um this is stupid but what are runes i think i got that they are like future looking things? um and what does each like symbole mean, how many are there (ima google it)

  10. I keep all of my tools in my bedside table and the books on my desk but you can’t really see over all the crap on my desk so dad can’t see them

  11. my runes are flat and black so i can put them upside down. also i use the plastic molded thing that they came in to set them out in. i consecrated it first though.

  12. lol. I’m still not sure. I think it may be the first waterstones book I mentioned. I’ll have to check it out with them next time I go in town. Thank you very much for you help.

  13. and on waterstones there is either:
    The Runes: an Illustrated Guide to Interpreting the Stones – Jonathan Dee


    Rune Wisdom: Learn to Use This Ancient Code for Insight, Direction and Divination – Jonathan Dee

  14. Thanx. I found it on Amazon and it comes up as “Mini handbook runes” by Jonathan Dee

  15. you don’t possible have the ISBN code on the back of the book I can use please? I’ve tried searching for the book on Waterstones, WH Smiths, Amazon and evern google search and the only record of it I can find is your video.

  16. Thank you good to know you wont stalk me. if you having any ideas for vids just let me know

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