SSS (3of14) How Astrology and Divinations Work

from Brian Brushwood’s lecture, “Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural.” Brian reveals the hidden history behind astrology and shows the psychology tricks that make divinations possible. Learn More about Brian, his lecture, and his “bizarre magic show” at

25 thoughts on “SSS (3of14) How Astrology and Divinations Work

  1. This is a great short lecture on how astrology is not legitimate science but why it feels so right for a lot of people.

  2. @Verdruc Your observation is absolutely correct and is the best kind of evidence against this sort of dangerous and immoral delusion which is passed off as some kind of benevolent act of kindness by misguided and narcissistic people who think they have an inner spiritual knowing above everyone else and who want to be paid for their efforts. Any kind of rational confrontation brings out the inherent evil from these fakers and if their is a god, he will send them all to hell.

  3. @rondie54 You give psychics an evil name with your kind of narcissistic deluded and foggy thinking. If a psychic or astrologer could divine anything more than a vague notion about anything at all, which is no better than anyone else could do, on the strength of their convictions why wouldn’t they save a life if they thought their premonition was real. Your stupid argument says they risk being ridiculed….so they keep it to themselves. Yeah, just plain old evil parlor tricks you numskull.

  4. @rondie54 – And your argument is just so logical – “the best and real psychics don’t come forward because of the ridicule” – What a p*** poor argument that is you tosser. It would help if you even tried to construct any sort of argument instead of slagging off rational enquiry, so much for your critical thinking. Psychics don’t come forward because, like you, they are seriously deluded and at some level they realise this. It’s YOU who is playing the victim and being a complete arsehole about it

  5. @smackcheeks Go back to school and learn to construct a logical argument, idiot. Pseudointellectuals (sigh)….

  6. @deadjerusalem It may sound far-fetched, but my sister can literally guess peoples horoscope based on their personality, and I know 2 other people who can do the same.

  7. Has anyone ever read a headline in a newspaper that said, “Astrologer averts catastrophe” or “Psychic solves crime” etc. What about even a little prediction on page ten that was only half true, after all, newspapers and current affair TV shows love this stuff. But instead what you find are articles and reports about fraudsters and scam artists. Why don’t we ever hear John Edward say, “your dead uncle hid a fortune in his shed before he died”, instead of a lame, “your mother says she loves you”.

  8. @ rondie54

    I thinks you totally missed the point numbnuts. In a city with a ghetto like Port-Au-Prince you can expect a disproportionately high incidence of chicken sacrifices and superstition – including prayer. This place is a hot bed of divination of one sort or another so, why did absolutely no one, anywhere at any time pick up on the pending eruption? – Answer – Astrology and all methods of prediction are simply barking mad magical thinking. Verdruc’s question was an astute observation.

  9. One basic point on the absurdity of astrology (by no means the only one) is that if there is a “magical” moment that defines your life, it’s not birth at all, it’s conception.
    While one could say that the mother’s health is not that relevant from the occult point of view, they’d have to admit that emerging from the womb is neither particularly occult nor magical, it’s a very down-to earth thing, the magical thing is the sperm-egg one, the Magic 46.

  10. Palm reading, tarot cards, psychics, etc. are all bullsh*t. I pity those who believe them and sincerely hope you are never put in a position to influence others.

  11. Go back to doing magic at kiddie parties you smug know-it-all. And do something with that hair.

  12. @Verdruc I am the type of person who looks at both the big picture and the little picture, when it comes to critical thinking. You only look at the little picture, which is why you don’t understand me and resort to playing the victim role… You can have the last word if you need it.

  13. I am not attempting to ridicule anyone. I’m asking questions. I have been insulted for doing so. I shall continue to ignore this. I reasoned that must have been at least one astrologer in Port-au-Prince doing regular horoscopes for customers. I assumed that that horoscopes drawn up for several people concerning the day of the earthquake would have some similarity between them. Obviously I went quite wrong somewhere here, as I have been so colourfully informed.

  14. seriously? A negative horosocope for everyone in the Port-Au-Prince city? How stupid of an idea is this? Who exactly would be performing these horoscopes? The stigma and ridicule that comes along with astrologers and psychics keeps the best and real ones from coming forward because of moronic questions like yours. Then when something happens, pseudo-intellectuals ask why people didn’t predict it. Why would they? If your talents were ridiculed, why perform parlor tricks for assholes?

  15. @Verdruc there are over 6+ billion people on the plane, over 250,000+ cities, t and over 150 countries. WHy would anyone do a spontaneous prediction on a country, city, or group of people out of nowhere? WHat you’re saying is not practical. Astrology is specific not group, city, or country based. Just because you don’t understand how something works does not mean that it is wrong. It means that you need to do your homework and create intelligent questions.

  16. That was uncalled for. I merely believed that anyone with the power to predict the future would use that power to avert humanitarian disasters like Port-au-Prince, and so would have looked for any disasters in the charts. A negative horoscope for everyone in Port-au-Prince around the time of the earthquake would have been a very good indicator. But I suppose the stars were feeling a little moody, or something or other.

  17. exactly. why can’t other people see that? everyone I know fits their description too.

  18. horoscopes and zodiac signs are so real because every single one of my friends fit the description of their own zodiac sign so precisely its crazy.

  19. @yhtomitalmighty i highly agree… i think as much as this guy may seem knowledgeable, hes still just a joke to me.. i mean some of the stuff he says make sense, but hes completely shutting down some of the possibilities that may be true. i mean im sure astrologers wouldnt be studying this for thousands of years for nothing…

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