6 thoughts on “Are Wiccan Funerals any different than a christian based one?

  1. i would most definately think they were entirely different…

    im not sure on this so correct me if im wrong…but i think the “priest” of the wiccan religion is called the…clan member? idk. but im sure it says the same things but just with a different religion in mind.

  2. answer: a High Priestess or High Priest can be used or anyone close to the deceased. Often songs are sung, prayers are given and an invocation to the deities to escort the deceased to their afterlife until ready for reincarnation. Often sharing memories of the deceased

  3. Wicca is not an organized religion and as religions go, it’s fairly new, so we don’t have centuries of tradition to draw on.

    There is no standard, it’s more of a personal thing based on your tradition, or your family and your own wishes.

    It can be as simple and informal as friends gathering together to light a candle for you and talk about how much they’re going to miss you, or it can be a complex ritual led by your coven’s High Priest and High Priestess.

    Just a minor correction: I’m not familiar with a term “clan” anything… Wiccans generally use the term Priest/Priestess, or for coven leaders or those with experience, High Priest/Priestess.

  4. As a Christian funeral is a celebration of going home the pagan would not believe that and their ceremony would be saying goodbye forever.
    God said Suffer not a witch to live. I don’t think he will.

  5. It depends on the type of funeral the deceased’s family wants. That, after all, is who it is for.

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