Bel’Air Biotech Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

How to use Belair Aromatherapy Diffuser with Belair essential oils and biotech vaporiser. EASY, SIMPLE, SAFE, AND EFFECTIVE. More info please visit How to use Bel’Air Diffuser with essential oils for Aromatherapy ====================================== Bel’Air Diffuser set includes: (1)Bel’Air Diffuser, (2)Bio-tech Vapouriser, (3)Tulip/ Metal Cap, (4)Catalytic Burner, (5)Bell Cap Always place the BelAir diffuser on a flat and stable surface. Step 1: Pour in the essential oil through the funnel until the diffuser is 2/3 full Step 2: *Pour in carefully the essential oil into bell cap until it is about 2/3 full. *Soak the catalytic burner head with essential oil then put the wick in lamp. (Wait for 20 – 30 seconds) Step 3: Pour the essential oil in the bell cap into the lamp through the wick Step 4: [Never Unattended!!!] *Wipe the lamp before lighting up the catalytic burner head. *Light up the catalytic burner head (Never use a piece of paper) *Blow off after 1- 2 minutes Step 5: *Cover it with the tulip/ metal cap *Test the heat of catalytic burner (Never touch the catalytic burner head while it is heated) For Vaporization…. 1) Place the biotech vapouriser base 2) Pour the pure essential oil 2 – 3 drops each time (Suggest usage every half hour) 3) For prefect results, leave the burner in action as long as you require a scented atmosphere.

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  1. This is very unique! especially the biotech vaporizer. I want to buy one myself. Good stuff!

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