6 thoughts on “christian and muslim : is fengshui or geomancy againsts your beliefs?

  1. Yes it is.

    Because fengshui and geomancy claim that ‘luck’ can be from the way things are arranged.

    This is against Islam.

    Peace be to you.

  2. it’s okay if feng shui – hong shui is derived from thousand years of observations. nothing bad about choosing the best location and arranging composition to optimize profits.
    ‘no good luck no bad luck involved’.

  3. It is simple. Powers not derived from God are derived from The Devil. Your Feng Shui is Evil. The end.

  4. fengshui is actually a sort of mathematics calculation to ‘maximize’ your potential in your luck, health & wealth. it’s not black art.
    i think many people has a misconception of what is it all about. and commenting without true understanding/ analysis on the subject reflect their ignorance.
    but i do agree that many superstitious chinese take it too far, & some dubious fengshui master are just cheaters.
    i do believe that fengshui (if it is delivered by a true master) has a positive effect, BUT, i don’t indulge or have any negative opinions to it.
    even for true buddhists, fate is what we make out of it, not indulging in fengshui to ‘change’ our fate.

  5. If you accept those trends as source of power, luck or make you totems; then it is forbidden. But if you make for decoration etc. it would be ok. Be aware of totems.

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