Does solitude play a part in your spirituality?

If so, how?

Obviously, this question is for those–atheist or theist–who consider themselves to have some form of spirituality, but all are welcome to answer.

10 thoughts on “Does solitude play a part in your spirituality?

  1. yes.
    being alone helps me reflect.
    i like to meditate alone, but sometimes i’ll meditate with my cat.

  2. A major if not the best part of my Spiritual life is in solitude. I read men like Merton, Thibodeaux, Augustine.

    You might enjoy a documentary called “Into Great Silence” on DVD.

  3. Yes, very much so – but that isn’t a generally accepted aspect of Judaism which is very much a community religion. So it’s sometimes a bit confusing for me, to be honest……. But I have found some interesting Jewish writings that seem to support some solitude.

    EDIT: Ah yes, you asked ‘how?’. There are two main strands to solitude for me – one is meditation (there IS a tradition of Jewish meditation, though it’s far from mainstream) although I confess not to manage that often; the other is being out in nature and experiencing the wonder of creation. Sometimes I can get the feeling with one or two particular friends, but it’s easier on my own, generally.

  4. No, and it cannot really.
    The whole meaning and purpose of spirituality is the re-connection of all humans into one single integrated being, based on the principle of:”love your neighbor as yourself”.
    Our whole progress on the spiritual path can only be achieved with the help of a group of friends, who share the same desires, and goal with us.
    So going alone, searching for solitude is the opposite of the spiritual idea.
    Not to mention, that there is nowhere to go anyway, as recent events have shown us, humanity has reached the degree when it is totally interconnected, and interdependent.
    I hope it helps with your question, and if you are searching for a spiritual method, and an ever growing group of people that can help you, please follow the link below:!%2BAnswers&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=text-link&utm_campaign=semester-winter-2008
    All the best

  5. Yes- nobody in this town has the same belief system that I have.

  6. A VERY big part. I refer to myself as a Pagan-Influenced Christian. I worship only the Holy Trinity but use Pagan rites and spells as a means of connecting with my Creator. (as well as prayer and other “traditional” forms of Christian worship. I view God as the Author of all magick and magick as simply natural laws of the Universe He created. I consider myself a Christian though my personal beliefs are not welcome in the Christian church. I practice in solitude in order not to offend anyone or be asked to engage in any religious debate.

  7. Yes, absolutely. When I take time away from the noise and chaos of this world, it puts me back in sync with The Divine God Spirit. Whatever religion one may be, taking time for quiet and reflection can only be goodness to the soul. Reverence helps me re-connect and also learn to become a better person during my journey here. I take my solitude time and no one ever knows where I go. It must be in this way, so I can look at myself with truth in all the goodness and ugliness of my being. When I take time for myself and The Divine God Spirit, answers come, guidance come, cleansing and healing comes and a Peace and Serenity begins to emerge within. However, it is crucial for me to continue practicing this path always because the world is full of trickery and certain vibrations can cause a disturbance on my peace which can cause a ripple effect in my attitude. At times I’ve swayed off of the direction of light and somehow always regained my path again. This allows me to forgive myself and others and each step I take, I become stronger against the negative vibrations. Practicing solitude can only heighten your spiritual awareness and the light of love shines through even if you are having a bad day. It’s an incredible sweetness of grace and mercy the spirit gives. When I slow my ego down, knock myself upside the head and get a grip on what’s real in life, I’ve found taking a little time for solitude to deeply commune with The Divine God Spirit can only make life calmer even in the most turbulent times.

  8. As a Christian, I find it is vital to have time alone with God, as well as just alone. We need to find that quiet place inside where the world is not so dern important.

    Solitude and meditation are good for the spirit. God led Jesus into the wilderness, as He did the Israelites, Paul, and numerous others. The Bible clearly shows that God speaks to a person(s) when it is just Him and the spoken to.

    If I don’t have my solitude, I’m one grouchy girl. 🙂


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