How do you know if you meet your twin flame?

How do you know if you have met your twin flame and if circumstances do not allow you to be together openly is there a chance that at some point you two will be together in this lifetime or do you have to wait? I know its a multipart question, sorry.

3 thoughts on “How do you know if you meet your twin flame?

  1. Are you talking about a “Soul-mate”, if so, you will know, but it takes time to confirm, and you will not know what will “last a lifetime”, you have to continue to please each other with loyalty, mutual support, all of the good stuff. It is not really magic, even though it is sort of a miracle.

  2. Our Allah said “That the only soul mate was hawa from Adam”
    so stop thinking like babies
    thet truth that f u bleive the God “Allah” will give u the best he will do …this is need ur commitmen with his orders
    so just trust him…and raise ur hands now and say “Oh God,Please help me our creator…help me our donatort…and say thanx Allah for everything”

  3. ~~~edviv,,,, The simple answer to your question is that your Intuition will instantly tell you. But don’t get all Warm & Fuzzy by only recognizing the Romantic Aspect of The Equation. There is Yin to go along with all that Yang! ,,, And you should be aware that People who abuse, cheat, beat and even murder their mate, regardless of years or children made with each other, are Twin Flame Soul Mates,,, but have Major Karma to resolve. This is their Destiny. Many factors come into play for this extreme Cause & Effect to work itself out.

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