Which are your favorite healing stones?

If you don’t believe in the topic then please don’t reply.It is a waste of time.I am interested in the opinion of serious respondents.

I never said they had MAGIC powers

4 thoughts on “Which are your favorite healing stones?

  1. purple jade ,ruby, pearl ,amathist,tigers eye
    peral is my favrite because its my birth stone

  2. I love to use Bloodstone as this works for the Root Chakra for both men and women, cuts and bruises of all kinds, plus women’s issues.

    But my all-time favorite stone to use is the Shiva Lingam stone. This is a brown/tan stone said to balance male/female energies. This is also the stone that was sought after in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”. When I place the stone on my massage clients, they really feel a sort of tingling going through their body, irregardless of where I place it. I usually place the stone under the head/neck to support the neck. It is smooth and very comfortable, almost melding into you (at least that’s what my clients say!)

  3. My favorite is a green fairy quartz from Brazil. It helps me with depression. Sometimes I just hold it next to my heart. I feel like it’s an old friend. It has several different beautiful characteristics that others would see as flaws, but I love it.

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