25 thoughts on “Astral Projection: ONE (2009).

  1. Dopest cut off the Blissdom EP. May not have the Trust in Trance feel to it, but it is a great sound regardless.

  2. astral projection got there own style, that what i like about them.

    RESPECT! i learned from you alot guys!

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  4. @ncheriyan Well they say that the new AP is due out sometime in the summer but they have been saying that for 2 yrs now so who knows. i cant wait! Long live TRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @giantsnyrangers
    Yep its absolutely killer! My bro ntncheriyan introduced me to psytrance…and generally, Israeli trance just gives me the chills! hyper amazing to say the least!

  6. @ncheriyan it’s amazing isnt it? I mean I like Tiesto too but really how can Any1 still listen to him when AP is throwing down killer trance like this?!!!!!!!!!

  7. 2 Weeks ago was my last Astral Projection Party…
    Never again.
    I will listen to them for life but goa…
    This new electro from Belgrade was dissapointment

  8. I don’t say they are better uziddavon1, I say the sound of goatrance lives on in these artists. What AP made is and will always remain legendary. But to say goatrance is dead?.. no ** way : – )

  9. You cant compare past and now,ppl desire from past was diferent ,this song is awesome,and you cant say that disortion afgin goasia merrow…. are better from AP ….goa lives in AP

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