Dont think before you jump

From the works of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from the Shiva Sutras discourse titled, Transcend Your Desires, Swamiji tells us that in spirituality, you can only achieve if you dont think before you jump. Otherwise your mind will take over. This is what Shiva is essentially teaching us in this sutra. The solution from enlightened beings, eventhough it may take a little more time, will be authentic and will definitely lead you to the truth. The complete discourse may be ordered online at

19 thoughts on “Dont think before you jump

  1. Yes, it can seem hard at first. It’s a common experience between any two cultures listening to each other.

    In a time much shorter than we think, our ears
    adjust themselves naturally, just keep listening,
    without straining, just listen and before you know it – you’ve caught on. OK?

  2. . Enjoy and listen by all means but just remember that really he is human just like you even if he is good at speaking some truths, so are we all!

  3. what he is preaching is hidden atheism AND WHO ELSE WOULD LIKE TO BE GOD, OTHER THAN SATAN? What you are seeing here is just the beautiful side of evil! Don`t be deluded!

  4. people of the world:
    HE IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL DEMONS, WHICH HAS INCARNATED IN THIS WORLD! If you have doubts: Pray to God! He will show you the truth! Please don`t watch this kind of stuff here! It will bring negative energy into your home, just by watching it!
    Please take this serious! Be aware of Paramahansa Nithyananda!

  5. sorry about not spelling that right; I was writing to fast–, you have the right to call me on that, sorry. I was born and raised in the US

  6. It’s true. So many go through life always waiting for that safety net to appear before they jump. I’ve found from experience that the net (always) appears AFTER you jump. That’s the magick of faith. The Universe always provides what you need when you need it. If you don’t have it, you don’t need it.

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