How do I go about becoming a Pagan?

There is no “Pagan bible” or scriptures. That I know of. How do I learn about pagan gods, holidays, rituals, worship, legends, ideology, etc. I’m lost.

9 thoughts on “How do I go about becoming a Pagan?

  1. Well, the Religion and Spirituality section would have been a better section to ask this in. Here’s an article that you can read to learn more about Paganism…honestly, I’m no expert, that’s why I’m just giving you a source.

    Edit: I think the first source might be the better one, because I believe the second source is from a Christian organized domain, so…
    Here, also, is the Wiki article, it usually has good sources listed at the bottom.

  2. You must pass through the tests. There are many and they are difficult. Many die.

    nah, seriously, i haven’t a clue. lol

  3. Before you go to bed tonight, you don’t say: “Good night God”. No, this is what you should do: you light a fire (a big one), put a flower in your hair, skip three times around the fire, look up to the moon and say “Good night mother Moon”. Next morning you get up. Take the ashes from the fire you made last night, mix it with water, rub it all over your face – look up to the sun (not directly though) and say: “Good morning Farther Sun”. Sorry – just been sarcastic…I have no idea, except that you must embrace nature.

  4. It’s not like your becoming Catholic or Mormon or anything…there is no “becoming,” you just are if you want to be.

    Really, it’s a bit ridiculous though.

  5. Go out to a forest, sit down and just listen… If you really want help ill be more then willing to help you. But the one you should know is unlike the Mainstream religion’s that have a holy book, Pagans do not. We believe that nature, life and seasons are holy. We dont really have a set of rules but that dosent mean you can do whatever you want. If you really want to get into it go to my page and message me, ill try my best to help you.

  6. You put your left arm in, your left arm OUT, in, out, in, out and shake it all about,
    you do the hokey-cokey and you turn around,
    THAT’S what it’s all about, see?

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