1 thought on “How long to keep ginkgo tincture under tongue?

  1. Thirty seconds should be about right.
    Two sublinguals i have found on the Internet recommend that..
    …this one for b vitamins (30 secs):
    …this one for ginkgo biloba (30 secs):

    You would still need to try that with diluted tincture because it it too viscous and sticky without diluting. So in order to maximise absorption that way if any of it is to be absorbed sublingually, you may need to do it in stages as there may be too much to hold under your tongue in one go. Swallow the rest as with any sublingual….absorption will further take place in the gut.

    More importantly, you should perhaps half the dose or you may be getting too much this way. Consult a pharmacist who may have a better idea with regards to the maximum safe dose when taking sublingually.

    Best wishes.

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