John William Waterhouse – That “Idealized” Waterhouse Type

John William Waterhouse … “… Waterhouse transcended the particularities of individual models to present his own idealized, instantly recognizable type …” (Trippi,104). … from Peter Trippi’s book, ‘JW Waterhouse’ (Phaidon, 2002) ~~~~~~ I hope you enjoy this collection of works by John William Waterhouse … as a celebration of that “idealized, instantly recognizable type” loved around the world. ~~~ ‘The Mysterious Models of John William Waterhouse’ ~~~

3 thoughts on “John William Waterhouse – That “Idealized” Waterhouse Type

  1. I love the way Waterhouse paint women , femine , delicate , beautiful yet very expressive , interesting . Thank you for posting great art work of W. Waterhouse

  2. Thank you, Cathy, a lovely tribute to Waterhouse and his art and models. My admiration for him continues to grow – a wonderful artist.

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