25 thoughts on “Tarot – Tides

  1. @nightwish568
    He is a vocally trained singer as I have heard him say he took vocals when in school. Really cool isn’t it! I really appreciate his vocal range.

  2. The four who doesn’t like this, are just some b******s that like to listen to rap, or only some death metal… -_-‘
    PPL! THIS, is MUSIC! One of the greatest bands EVER!

  3. This was the first song I heard by Tarot. I was listening to a random mix, and I thought “this is beautiful. Sounds like Marco” (I’m a huge Nightwish fan). So I did some research and now Tarot’s practically all I listen to.

  4. @MarahBwoii Sure do its so calm yet u can feel so many emotions all the emotions he puts in his songs u just feel them and together with the instruments they make beautifull music :3

  5. oh believe me..i have all their albums along with symphony x. But out of all, Finland is the Metal Country of the world..they can’t be beat in my book

  6. Look up Kamelot. They are a fantastic american metal band, very similar to Nightwish, except the singer is male.

  7. Why the Hell do they not have this music in america……man, finland has the best musicians of the world

  8. Oh my god, this makes me so melancholic… and his voice is really awesome! 5***** for the worlds greatest song!!!!

  9. Somehow this song always reminds me of my cat Venus (may she rest in peace) and therefore it always brings tears to my eyes.

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