The Dubliners- King Of The Fairies

The Dubliners with traditional tune ‘King Of The Fairies. Fiddle solo. Excellent!!!

25 thoughts on “The Dubliners- King Of The Fairies

  1. It’s clear for me… four persons are either blind and missed the ‘like’ button, either have absolutely no taste in music. It’s rather hard to find this stuff today…

  2. i have alot of respect and love for irish people, being welsh i love ireland ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @Mjolnrus Np bud! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, its not like ive got anything better to do, haha =)

  4. @anidude454 Yea thanks buddy. Just trying to help somebody out and you go and be a dick, cool. I was replying to Mjolnrus’ comment, not making a new one.

  5. @averynore No shit sherlock, >< "...and if you were truely honest you would sure undertand that there aint no creature" Even though his spelling was off and the lyrics not correct, they are the lyrics to that song, and if you read it properly, he states it's oxhorns song?

  6. @Mjolnrus Your probably thinking of the Oxhorn Machinima The Great Kodo. Look it up, it uses this song and World of Warcraft as a video.

  7. …and if you were truely honest you would sure undertand that there aint no creature….. lol sorry i couldent stop thinking of oxhorns remake, the great kodo

  8. Would this song be in a video game? Because I remember this song from somewhere but I dont know where, I think it was either Nox, or Fate, but either way, Im pretty sure the game was an RPG like Diablo or something

  9. OMG I can’t see their movements :O
    this song is impossible! (heheheh just a joke) ๐Ÿ˜›
    i love this song!

  10. @Penduluus I have sheet music for it, I’ll send it to you. Just give me an email address.

  11. John is the master. This is the definitive version of this tune which is my favorite tune of all time. Penduluus, it is in the “fiddler’s fake book,” but, I recorded it off the the Dubliner’s CD with a small recorder that let’s me slow it down. I’ve spent years learing it note by note. I never do that. I hate ripping off artists but, since I’m in Cleveland Ohio, USA, I doubt John knows I exist so I think I can get away with it:)

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