what is the best alternative treatment/ herbal medicine for obsessional disorder ?

hi there, i was curious to know if there is alternative treatment available for people with obsessional disorder. I have a relative who has severe intrusive thoughts with no compulsions and has tried cbt, anti- psychotic and anti-depressant medications but with no results . can anyone suggest something else , pls help!

2 thoughts on “what is the best alternative treatment/ herbal medicine for obsessional disorder ?

  1. Homeopathy can absolutely help, with quickly observed results.

    The remedy your relative needs depends on his/her constitutional symptoms. Their problem is beyond self-help care (otherwise, you can bet the psychiatric profession would offer homeopathy). Few people understand that homeopathy is the philosophy, not the remedy, so he/she would need to contact a certified homeopath, who would talk with them for an hour or two to understand why they have these symptoms, then research and recommend a remedy that will restore balance (and cure the underlying cause of intrusive thoughts). In N. America, http://www.homeopathicdirectory.com. Worldwide, homeopaths are otherwise pretty available.

  2. The best cure is spending time outdoors. Immersing yourself in the bright light of day causes your retina to send a signal to your endocrine system to produce more serotonin. Serotonin is a natural “happy drug” which is precisely the reason that everyone everywhere feels in a better mood on a bright sunny day. In fact Zoloft and Prozac do exactly the same thing: stimulate the production of more serotonin. Spending time outdoors without sunglasses has the added advantage that it promotes the production of melatonin at night, helping you sleep better. Plus it’s free and without side effects. Try it.

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