When can a baby start having herbs and spices cooked in with their meals?

I fixed some chicken and veggies in my crock pot. I put carrots, onions, and potatoes, and then chicken tenders in the crock pot with some chicken broth and I am going to let is cook all day. I put some seasoning (garlic, salt, pepper) in with it. I know my baby girl can’t have it yet, she will be 6 months this week. But when can babies have spices and herbs mixed in with their veggies?

3 thoughts on “When can a baby start having herbs and spices cooked in with their meals?

  1. There is no time limit. They can have spices and herbs as soon as they are able to eat them.

    People often say babies can not have spicy things. This is completely false. If they enjoy the taste then there is no reason they can not have them.

    Edit to add: babies can also have fiery hot foods, if they like them. My daughter used to eat horseradish that could bring a grown man to his knees. She at it like it was candy though. There is no reason to keep spicy things away from a baby unless the just don’t enjoy it.

  2. While it’s a good idea to strictly limit salt for infants (and for everyone, really), herbs and seasonings are fine for any baby old enough to be eating solids. (6 months+) Of course you’d probably want to hold off on the 5-alarm chili for a while yet, but the meal you have prepared sounds yummy, and entirely acceptable for your baby even now.

  3. Even adults do NOT need salt and pepper in their foods…..use ‘Mrs. Dash’s’ instead. They have quite a few but NONE of them have salt or pepper in them. I use them all of the time.
    I would go ahead and mix herbs in with their meals but hold off on the spices until they are closer to school age.

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