Esoteric Agenda Ascension 2012 Pt 1 of 13

There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.

25 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda Ascension 2012 Pt 1 of 13

  1. you are one silly ass God forsaken, lost soul.. this is one of the most moronic videos ive ever seen>> and all of this information is completely false

  2. you are one silly ass God forsaken, lost soul.. this is one of the most moronic videos ive ever seen>> and all of this information is completely false

  3. @kennmardi but once you except the facts you can move past fear and form your own opinions based on facts details and common rhetoric.

  4. @kennmardi i dont think this video habors fear, i think that if you choose to take in the information with those opposing thoughts in mind of course its going to seem like it’s promoting fear when in reality its doing the exact opposite. This video if completely informational and has great points and logic. Not to mention that he sites all of his references at the end. I think that if you are asleep alot of this information will shock you into a fearful mind state

  5. nothing will happen!!! 2012 december 21 will pass on like a normal avarage boring day!!!! the only thing that will happen is if people are scared and do something drastic!!, so everyone plan something exciting on dec 22 2012!! because its going to make a lot of people look extremly silly!!!. and they can all sit and make other videos about another day!!! and btw!! am sure the world was suppose to end etc few years back?? never happened.. the same will be true yet again. peace and love!!!

  6. @MusaTheGift Tell me who wrote your :bible” I bet you don’t even know huh? weres the proof at man?

  7. @MusaTheGift You don’t even know who made the bible plus 2012 was in science scripts over 20,000 years ago when we had a GLOBAL civilization, because around the world we have found the same exact pre-sandscript evey were dated about almost 30,000 years ago so you must be racist to beleive in such hate made by your own people so that you feel special?

  8. @abbazin102

    you are just making shit up off your own emotions and false doctrines u’ve bene taught.

    the slavesd were HEBREWS, the africans sold the hebrews not their own people.

    the bible does’nt teach equality or that we all the same, god choose israle ABOVE ALL NATION, to the most high god, all other nations are NOTHING to him…thats what the bible says.

    the whiteman is esau in the bible, and god hated esau.

    the bible predicted 2012 thousands of years ago.

  9. @MusaTheGift Christ is us we are that of god seporated and no white man is worse than a black man or either way around we are all from he same energy and will always be a familly besides the black people let the white people take they’re kind away to be slaves in the first place it’s called deceivance but we just need to learn what we can truely trust to learn from the mistakes of the past that they barley even show us in school Love&Light Namaste**

  10. hes right about paganisim inr eligions..

    saturday, sunday..ancient egyptians, caananite gods etc…they all mentioned int eh bible, hebrew were forbidden to worship them or bow down to idols…el, baal, ra, asherah, ashtarte…the bible mentions all fo nthem, some are the same from civilisation to civilisation just with different names.

    thats why satan and his minions (whiteman/esau) is going to pay for everything hes done…EVERYTHING.

    circumcision was’nt originally paganism tho.

  11. white people dont know shit…

    they have no diea that the end of an age (2012) was propchcied int eh bible, and represnets the comign fo christ…

    the only people being saved are the hebrew israelites…who are all people of colour, mainly negroes…

    the rest of you will be our slaves and servants and are going to pay for all your wickness, espically the whiteman.

  12. @dellbtc123
    There are many people around the world who hold a tribal status, but people only see the Africans and Indians.

  13. @dellbtc123
    The 10 commandments were in the Arabian peninsula, not Africa. You need to understand where ancient Media is located.
    “Mohammed talk” I’m guessing you mean Islam didn’t start in Africa, but the Middle East.
    Hebrew is not Greek.
    The false jews are the one from Europe. Mostly the Khazarians.
    They were gypsy people, not the children of Israel.
    This is written in their own history books.

  14. @1HelpingMany the real chosen 1’s still dont even know who they are??? and there is only one group of people that are as ignorant and confused and like sheep”wild sheep” that they make gangs to kill them selves? and also when u say the 12 tribes of of israel??? DO U EVER PONDER THE WORD “TRIBE” OR “TRIBAL” WHO ON THIS PLANET TILL TODAY IS STILL “TRIBAL??” NOT THE WHITES, NOT THE HISPANICS,( ONLY TODAY I SEE THE (BLACKS AND INDIANS STILL HOLD ON TO THAT TRIBAL COULTURE) THINK ABOUT IT?

  15. @1HelpingMany so???? if hebrew is greek then who are these so called jews? what are they phonies?with false claims of being the chosen children, cause this is what it looks like? if hebrew=greek then jews=greek? and so….this whole israel story of the romans enslaving the jews would be very very “bias” cause what it looks like to me is the romans either slaved their own cousins “the jews” or either the jews are fasle claiming they’re the chosen ones…and the real chosen 1’s ……………

  16. @1HelpingMany No it didnt? and even if it did guess where all this information is coming from? (?Africa?) the ten commandments were given in (africa) all the muhamad talk was in (africa) the main big events were in (africa) all the rich oil and diamonds=africa? what people really should understand is that life began right there in that so called “third world” country. and i want people to atleast respect that. and everybody ,”everbody” we’re all related, but scattered

  17. @dellbtc123
    I’m not saying that some of the information on this video is not good, but people need to understand that not all of it is.
    All of these religion did have origin, people act if they are shocked by that information.
    Things started from some where. It started much earlier then Kemet(egypt).
    They were taught just as others were aswell.

    That is a history not talked about by the historians though.

  18. @dellbtc123
    Yes Hebrew is another language, but the name Isis is not Hebrew nor English its a Greek form of the name pronouced Ees-Ees.
    Not Is-rael.
    You also would need to understand what the word “EL” means in ancient languages. It meant “power”.
    There were alot of beings with the name “EL” attached to their names.
    GabriEL. I could go on and on.
    People should do better study of information and not just force items to fit together because it sounds good.

  19. This is a great video but ppl would just look at this and say ( idgaf) i dont care.
    ignorance….ignorance against the fact that all these so called religions had an origin.
    And you know that origin. you know egypt as the oldest civilization that also ruled the planet at the same time with the most knowledge ,knowledge so powerfull the greeks that came down from the north adored it. alexander built a place call’d alexandria just a place for information from egypt. EGYPT holds all knowledge

  20. @1HelpingMany EVEN SO Hebrew is just another language. and if what ur sayn is true…..wut about (ra) and (el)? dont u think the people would atleast be smart enough to change the “isis” to “is” or in your case “yis” to knock off people who are ignorant to the information? they know people would ask alot of questions if it was
    isisrael?.. the leaders of the jewish is smarter then that. u cant denie its very very close, off by 2 letters. think about it, what its a “coincidence” ?

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