Herbs to drink during the last months of pregnancy?

I know of and use Raspberry leaf tea but are there any other herbs I can use to ease delivery during the last months of pregnancy ?

Please no mean comments about herb use during pregnancy, you are entitled to your opinion and if I wanted to know the reasons not to take herbs I would of asked 🙂 Thnks !

2 thoughts on “Herbs to drink during the last months of pregnancy?

  1. I have heard of Black Kohosh tea (tastes like poo). I like drinking chamomile to help me sleep, and spearmint with ice to give me a refreshing energy boost! Happy sipping!

  2. Black and Blue Cohosh are used to induce labor, don’t drink them routinely.

    Nettle Leaves help to aid teh kidneys, nourishing mother and baby, ease muscle cramping and fatigue (good for during labor), diminish pain during and after birth, prevent hemorrhage after birth, reduces hemorrhoids, an increases richness and production of breast milk.

    I have linked you a good article on natural pregnancy allies below:

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