In Religion & Spirituality how is it possible for a blocked user to enter my question?

This morning two users I blocked were able to enter my question and post on Yahoo Answers Religion and Spirituality. How is this possible?

14 thoughts on “In Religion & Spirituality how is it possible for a blocked user to enter my question?

  1. Theres a loophole; could also be another account with same “screen name”?

    Email me if you want it

  2. This has happened to me as well. I think that there may be something wrong with the block function or else the user has a duplicate account.

  3. Obviously, they must command a Legion of accounts…

    Like some people I know.

  4. have you ever realized that the lower case L=l is the same as the capitalized i=I I=l almost identical right.

  5. There is a loophole which doesn’t require duplicate accounts.

    It’s very easy to do if you know how, and I’m not telling.

  6. report them, they will have their account suspended.

    you sign out – go to the answer – press the “answer it” button – it will ask you to sign in – you sign in and answer the question. You won’t be able to get back in to edit it, though.

  7. You can log out to view a blocked users question, then attempt to answer….It will ask you to log in and your post will appear. I’ve done it…But only to someone that I thought had unjustly blocked me. Its a lot of work for very little thrill.

  8. LOL wouldn’t you like to know!

    The fact is, there IS a way. I use it all the time to answer Muslims who block me.

    My question is why are you blocking people? What is so wrong about what they say that you have to silence them? Can’t you function in the market of ideas without trying to set up a monopoly that doesn’t allow disagreement?

    When someone disagrees with you or makes fun of you you don’t need to block them, it’s a challenge to witness to them! Don’t try to live in an echo chamber with people who do nothing but agree with you. The real idiots, like “reverend” Soliel, are easily abnough ignored. When they get really obnoxious, you can report them.

  9. They just logout, then click your question and it lets them answer it when they log back in. It still shows them being blocked, but the answer just flows right on through

  10. I have several people who have me blocked. I know I could answer them but I choose not to. I must have already gotten my message through to them and they did not like it. I don’t need to force it. I never block anyone and I never report anyone. What is the point of coming here and then blocking people who disagree? I consider it childish and silly unless you feel stalked or threatened in some way.

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