7 thoughts on “love compatibility of zodiac signs: Aries and Taurus

  1. dude this capricorn girl she is my best friend and idk why but im very much in so into her when she is herself

  2. OMG Taurus are gods at fighting video games and other stuff because they can stand hours of training and never get bored.

  3. you’re very attractive btw 🙂

    Tauruses are very compatible with picese and cancers lol idk why but I have such a soft spot for cancers.

  4. so for aries the best love compatibility is sagittarius? is aries also compatible with gemini? i heard aries and leo match? but then again, i thought they wouldn’t match too bcoz they both wants to lead….

  5. Everybody knows Aries and Leo’s are one of the best combinations! Shockin what you said lol.

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