15 thoughts on “The Occult Geomancy of New York City Part II 911 ley lines

  1. @SurvivalCell david wilcock and the 2012 enigma…explains in full detail the connection…you will enjoy

  2. @zetetic0void pineal gland …..pine cone…your well educated my friend…thanks for being ALIVE.

  3. @zetetic0void
    That pine cone motif seems to show up a lot. I have read also that it may be representative of corn or wheat. The pineal gland angle is interesting also. Thanks for the great observation.

  4. 1:02 – everyone should note that in the background in that concave dome-like hollow building, you have the “Court of the Pigna” and has a big pine cone statue with birds on each side. This is an interesting ancient multi-religion symbolic link. Some suggest this refers to the pineal gland in the brain. Pine cone motifs are also on some Papal staves as well as staves going back further in history to Sumer and an Egyptian stave almost like the snakes of the Caduceus with a pine cone.

  5. @SurvivalCell City 17 is a metropolitan area in Eastern Europe that forms the primary setting for Half-Life 2 and its first expansion, Episode One. The city features a variety of architecture types, from mostly Eastern European architecture dating from pre-World War II neoclassicism, to post-war revival of classical designs, Soviet Union modernism, and post-Soviet contemporary designs, as well as “Combine structures”.

  6. Natural gas and petroleum products are plentiful in Kazakhstan. Lets put it this way. I read the other day that Rudolph Guliani former NYC mayor has an office in Astana. What areCities 1-16 and is there an official list?

  7. Billions being spent on NWO Astana city in Kasakstan. Check it out on Google Earth. Also the Tour de France team Astana. Who is paying for all this?

  8. is that DC symbols dude still trying to bust your balls? keep up the good work man I really enjoy yoyr hard work. peace

  9. I will check that out. The layout of most of those churches is just like many of the linear parks. I’ll get back after checking the video out.

  10. Can’t wait till you get back on Red Ice Creations with Henrik.
    You need to show us how to use Google Earth, some shortcuts would help!
    As always your material is cutting edge and presented in good manner.

    Thanks Cort

  11. Excellent work SurvivalCell, if you get time, check out this documentary called the ‘Origins of The Da Vinci Code.’ Brings to the forefront the geomanci of churces in France and other places. Please let me know what you think.

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