What do you believe of Lilith, demon or goddess?

This is a *personal* question for you. I want to get your personal input and point of view.

Historically Lilith is a demon, with a reputation for killing children. Even in her earliest conception she is a malevolent spirit of the night that harms preganant women, children, and is sexually predotory towards men.

I’m pretty sure many, especially those in New Age/Neopaganism, have heard their fair share of contradicting stories about her. Many often Romantize Lilith (Thank you, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.) and omit and ignore many facest of negetivity in her personality. This is all modern work by the way. The *real* Lilith is quite harmful and malevolent towards humanity.

Furthermore, what do you think of Lilith being a aspect of the Goddess? (I.e. the same as Ishtar, Isis, Kali etc) Its quite funny to me, because at the roots of Neopaganism Lilith was seperate from “the Goddess”? And what about the feminist interpetation? Wouldn’t believing in her as Adam’s wife admitting to God?

11 thoughts on “What do you believe of Lilith, demon or goddess?

  1. as an independent woman, she is obviously both a demon and a goddess


    as far as the neo-paganistic interpretation of her, if she is not an aspect of “the Goddess” or “the God” then does she exist at all in a supernatural sense? i would think that her divine or demonic existence would require her to be an aspect of at least one of these prime creators.

  2. “Liliel is the Angel of the Night…Lilith is considered to be the arch she-devil.” Sandalphon is the angel of prayer as is Michael.

  3. I call my daughter (Lilyth, named after Lilith) my little demon…. but I only believe she’s my daughter

  4. Lilith (Lilitu) is a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death. I think you should understand that Sumer, Babylon and Akkadia were city states that each had their own versions of Lilitu. Melding the stories won’t get you closer to any truth.

    In the Egyptian, there is a terrible goddess named Sekhmet. She was like Lilitu, in that she brought war and pestilence. But the belief was whatever a goddess brings or causes she can also cure. Great healing temples were dedicating to the healing aspect of Sekhmet.

  5. The story of Lilith is a Mesopotamian myth that worked its way into Jewish folklore. It’s purely fiction and the product of people who believed in desert demons. < *)))><

  6. I consider Lilith one of my favorite mythological demons. I do not believe in her as a literal demon, or anything that existed historically, or currently exists. I see more of Lilith in myself. I love how she is written, preferably romanticized, and perceived visually (both Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Collier’s paintings are magnificent). I believe her being Adam’s wife was a story; nothing more. Just as her existence. A good fictional read, and a manifestation of myself at most. I have no belief in God.

    @ bj9429

    She appears in The Book of Isaiah as “screech owl”, or “night creature”, depending on the translation. Although I believe there is one or two Bibles that do use her actual name, in a very late translation, I have not come across one personally.

  7. Lilith is a demon, literally, she was never a Biblical Charter, but a pagan deity”goddess” and therefore Satanic in origin. Any thing that promotes it’s self as god other than, or above The LORD God of The Bible is of Satanic origin by definition. It really doesn’t matter weather one believes in Satan or not, their unbelief changes nothing !


  8. well Lilith is the Hebrew female devil and suppose to be Adam’s first wife who tought him the ropes and she is one of the Infernal Names.

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