Why do my out of body experiences end up as lucid dreams instead of real time astral projection?

After the sleep paralysis comes the vibrations, then I feel the lift out of my body with my eyes closed and it’s pitch black, after a few seconds, I get a visual, I’m in my room (but a different room) and I’ll fly up through the ceiling to find that I’m in a lucid dream, is this what everyone refers to as astral projection, I thought astral projection was real time in this reality.

Please, what am I doing wrong?

5 thoughts on “Why do my out of body experiences end up as lucid dreams instead of real time astral projection?

  1. Remote viewing is real time in this dimension. Astral projection is on another plane. A different level of reality. Things will look different. Don’t tie yourself down to this world, this reality. There are other worlds than this.

  2. It could be that you don’t accept your dreams as a different plane of existence; and that you ARE in fact doing it properly, but don’t have the ability to believe so.

    Try to be more accepting of what comes to you. Don’t think of things that fail to meet your expectations as “doing it wrong”; try to learn from what you see.

  3. Astral projection is about astral planes, not other planes such as this reality.

    Lucidity isn’t specifically about dreaming, it’s about knowing what state of consciousness you’re in. As long as you’re not sure whether you’re dreaming or projecting, you don’t have the full lucidity you think you do.

    You will have been projecting, because you emerged from a vibrational lift out and vibrations never lie, but what’s likely is that you very soon lost actual (as opposed to assumed) lucidity within the projection, making its non-dreamlike characteristics less apparent.

    What you need to do is run a quick battery of reality checks as soon as you’re out to get your alertness as high and stable as possible. Scrutinizing your hands for about two seconds is a very good way to do this. Are they the usual shape? Solid, vaporous or glowing? Do they melt? Are they lit distinctively?

    If it’s specifically real time earth-bound projection you’re looking for, the best way to get there from the astral is to bounce back into your body. Bounce is the important word here – dock with your physical body momentarily but keep moving all the time, don’t park in it. Another alternative is to create a portal back here and enter it.

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