6 thoughts on “Why should I care to know about Anais Nin?

  1. I’m not sure exactly who she is… all I know is she has some good poetry and well if you don’t see it necessary to care… why bother worrying about it then. Um… by the way SHE’S NOT A HOMO.

  2. That all depends on your personal opinion. You obviously care enough to ask a question about her. How about looking up information about her yourself and seeing if you “care to know” about her?

  3. She writes beautiful books. I know a lot of people think she borders on porn…. but there is a definite difference between porn and erotica. Her books are beautifully written. But they are not everyone’s “cup of tea”. Check one out from your library.. see if you like it.

  4. I read one of her diaries (Henry and June). I wish it came with a warning that there were explicit, graphic details of sex. I’m not a fan.

  5. The main reason that you’d care to know about her is if you like erotic fiction.

    She (and her lover Henry Miller helping with ideas) wrote erotic short stories for an anoymous collector which she never intended to publish but changed her mind later in life.

    I think there are two or three collections of the short stories published.

    I believe that she had a very interesting life but all that All I remember is that her mother was a South American singer and that she was a lover to many very famous writers…

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