25 thoughts on “Women and Spirituality – Pagan Witch Ritual

  1. P.S. No disrespect OriginalSunshine, Its just that some people on these sites are CRAZY smart and extremely knowledgable. I just figured that citations and scholarly references would help others achieve a greater goal. 🙂

  2. Agreed. I was pointing a finger, yes, but also at others. Some people are extremely intelligent when it comes to world history, politics and religion. You seem to be such a person. All im asking is, why don’t others help by giving references, proper citations and scholarly sorces. My girlfriend is Polish, Cherokee and Scottish so her methods are a bit crazy. She could use the guidence. If people are doing things the wrong way; Great, help. But im not seeing that on these sites. Why?

  3. @kendallguitarist Oh and I forgot to answer the question that you posted then deleted. It’s not a “phrase”. Words label, that’s what they do. Without a label, what is to distinguish something from nothing? It has nothing to do with prejudice and everything to do with REALITY.

  4. @kendallguitarist

    I don’t recall yelling. Or pointing out faults. I’m pretty sure I was just warning people, because I don’t want to see the worst happen to them. But hey, if you’re going to take it and blow it all out of proportion and then passively-aggressively comment at me, be my guest.

  5. Heres a question; why is it that after a very troubled past do Pagans get on these sites and yell, scream at eachother and cut eachother down? Instead of being friends, other Pagans are quick to point out others faults (or thought to be faults) and criticize them for it. Its bad enough to have the christians yelling; now the Pagans are yelling at eachother as well. Tell me why. I’m JUST asking.

  6. I was joking, trust me, I’ve done a lot of research on Wicca and witchcraft, I merely forgot to put J.K.!! at the end of that comment. 🙂 🙂

  7. @12nardin No one other than someone exceptionally powerful could break a curse without any physical contact or familiarity with someone’s energy. And someone that powerful would NOT be fooling around on Youtube like that. I’m sorry to sound terribly rude, but I’m absolutely tired of people who’d like to imagine themselves witches running around pretending so.

  8. @Moshe3712 You’ve just combined Catholicism and paganism into one comment. I suppose most people will be too full of themselves or stupid to notice, but eventually someone will. Like me. Grow up. It’s not funny. Though what’s going to happen to you for that WILL be funny.

  9. Spirituality is not the same as being a witch. Be careful what you label yourself as. Just when you thought the Beast was dead, it was only sleeping.

    On on comical note, Immigrant Song started playing on my Pandora when this video started.

  10. People are waking up to a rebirth of very old ways. Some can’t believe how fast Paganism is growing. But its always been here. Even in HollyWood; Harry Potter, Starwars, Lord of the rings blah blah ect. People even enjoy these fantasy movies and buy them as gifts. Pagan holidays such as easter and Christmas are celebrated by millions yet those same people scream and yell at Pagans, calling them evil and satanist. I just don’t get it. I LOVE this video and find NOTHING false about it. Blessed Be

  11. Well said gaiagirl08. When I read this comment I could feel your energy breaking his curse. In the name of Hekate and Isis, by the powers of Astarte, I bless you )o(

  12. Moshe3712, your love is felt, but you are out of your realm and don’t understand that we are not at odds. Go home, young one. Your binding is scattered with love.

  13. I BIND you and your associates in the Holy name of God the Father God the Son Jesus and God the Holy Ghost…Thus it has been spoken thus it is DONE…

  14. How do know if your a pagan or a witch or what ever it is called? How do you know if you are a wiccan or not? if you can answer this then please do


    spiritlessons. com/mary_k_baxter_a_divine_rev­elation_of_hell. htm

  16. i love this video and i am pagan myself and think they all are lucky to do the ritual blessed be epona

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