Would you rather go to a naturopathic doctor, a (TCM) chinese medicine doctor or a nutritional therapist?

for any kind of health problem. (by TCM or traditional chinese medicine, i mean both chinese herbs and acupuncture). I’m trying to decide which field i should go into.. I think most modern illnesses can be cured through food or diet. but TCM doctors and naturopaths prescribe other natural ways of healing as well. Which methods appeal more to most people?

5 thoughts on “Would you rather go to a naturopathic doctor, a (TCM) chinese medicine doctor or a nutritional therapist?

  1. none of the above.

    Absolutely proper nutrition is important for general health and prevention of certain diseases. I guess you could call that a cure, but I’m not sure what you mean by “modern illnesses”. Diet can’t cure HIV or Lassa fever..those are modern illnesses.

    Alties have co-opted diet and healthy eating as if this is an idea they came up with and is some ancient mystery that science doesn’t know about.

  2. Naturopathic doctor.

    I’m vegan, and I’ve also worked in the diet office at a hospital, so I already know a lot about nutrition and the benefits of a healthy diet as far as disease prevention. So, a nutritional therapist would be pretty useless to me, personally. I’m kind of leery of Chinese herbal medicine, but I do believe acupuncture works, although I’ve never tried it.

    Generally, I think people who are interested in finding alternative, non-pharmaceutical treatments for their condition most likely already eat pretty healthily, and have already educated themselves a fair amount about nutrition. So, I think most people would go with naturopathy or TCM.

  3. Out of them three I would recommend the former. Nevertheless it is just my opinion arising from my own practice.

  4. Is there an option for a qualified professional doctor? If not, I think I’ll just stay home and pray. I don’t expect it to work any better, but it would be less expensive.

  5. I would go to a licensed Naturopathic doctor as they can treat you with a variety of modalities. Many chronic conditions that the industrial world suffers from can effectively be treated by alterations in diet and lifestyle.

    In the United States, the push for national licensure for the profession is growing stronger and stronger every year with Minnesota as the latest addition to licensed states. http://www.aanmc.org/careers/naturopathic-doctor-licensure.php

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