5 thoughts on “Could anyone give me a link to a website or no BS forum about herbal medicine?

  1. If you only get information on websites such as those suggested by dipshi_t, you are not getting the real picture. Unfortunately things sometimes go terribly wrong when relying on herbal medicine alone. To balance out the information you probably already have you should pay attention to the examples presented here: http://whatstheharm.net/herbalremedies.html
    Another website you could visit for balancing information is http://www.ukskeptics.com/article.php?dir=articles&article=herbal_medicine.php

  2. pubmed. It has thousands of research papers done on the medical and biological sciences. You do your search there and look if there is evidence for efficacy. You might need to learn how to use it though.

    curezone is actually quackzone. Stay away from sites like those.

    Here is the website.

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