Proof that numerology is real and numbers have magical powers?

Think of any number between 1 and 10. Add 2 to this number. Now double the result. Add 3 to this number. Now subtract from this your original number. Add this number to 2002, the year in which our great leader Botevius was born. If the current year is an even number, add one. Now, subtract again you original number. The year you get will be the year of your death.

15 thoughts on “Proof that numerology is real and numbers have magical powers?

  1. But that is something most people don’t really want to know. I do not want to know what year I will die. Do you have a more useful example of numerology?

  2. Numerology is nothing but the devil’s work, how could someone devise such an equation that would 100% be factual. Death comes like a thief in the night when we least expect it. It is only God who can know the time and day of your death. Instead of using foolishness to arrive at a “date of death”, live each day like you were dying, and love others. Tomorrow is never promised. Cling to God, and may He keep u.

  3. Ok, I am dead in 2007. I don’t care the exact date. From now on my Ghost will haunt you.

    Aug 13 2010 (Friday) my ghost will visit you.

  4. If it is proof that numerology is “real” you seek, just ask a Numerologist.

    Numerology, as it applies to people, is used for the purpose of teaching others the art of self knowledge. Your name and your date of birth is a mathematical equation that will effectively give an adept numerologist a “picture” of the individual being analyzed. This is then used to identify the positive and negative propensities of the individual as well as strengths and weaknesses. To the ancient Chaldeans, who developed the first methods of Numerology, it was the “psychology” of their day. Pythagoras found Numerology and developed his own method with only minor alterations to the original Chaldean method.

    I have practiced Numerology for 23 years now, and not once have I found any equation that identifies the year that any person will die. But, then I have not wasted my time seeking one either, as it is a certainty that death will come to us all, just as life did. It is How We Live that matters, not when our life is over.

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