2 thoughts on “Why are fields such as Homeopathy, Astrology and Palmistry viewed as Pseudoscience?

  1. Because they don’t work. They started out claiming to be science, but they don’t apply the methods of science – like testing themselves to see if you get anything better than chance or the placebo effect. Homeopathy is simply water. Astrology is based on no fact whatsoever, along with palmistry.

  2. What eri said, with this addition: real science embraces change. It grows and mutates over time as new discoveries are made. When new evidence comes along that changes or even overturns what we think we know about the universe, science changes to accommodate the new evidence.

    Pseudoscience seldom changes. Contradictory evidence is often rationalized or denied rather than studied and accommodated. Science is self-correcting; pseudoscience is self-protecting.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

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