Why do atheists hang out around on the spirituality board?

atheism is unspirituality.
so why do you constantly answer questions to do with spirituality and God?
i’m not trying to appear rude or dis you. i’m curious as to why you deliberately hang out on a board that directly contradicts everything you believe.

20 thoughts on “Why do atheists hang out around on the spirituality board?

  1. Here’s a thought:

    Why do the religious ask questions about spirituality for the “unspiritual” to answer?

  2. Because we don’t have an Agnostic/Atheist board, and no religious group wants to fight with us for one. Believe me, if there was a place I could think more clearly with my fellow brethren/sisters without you religious freaks breathing down our backs, I would.

  3. Why do humans hang around the on the cats board?
    Humanity is un-cat
    so why do we constantly answer questions to do with cats?
    I’m not trying to appear rude or diss you. I’m curious as to why you deliberately hang out on a board that directly contradicts everything you are.

  4. this is where you come to talk about spirituality and religion. duhhhhh….

    find me a better place to make fun of you and I’ll go there too.

  5. Spirituality and a belief in god are not the same thing. I can believe in “the force” for example and not call it god.

  6. The ones that do are hypocrites, they dont want anyone telling them what religion they should believe in but then they go around telling everyone that thier religion is bogus. For real, they dont want anyone argueing with their choices but they want to argue with everyone elses. Seems to me its because they have alot of self doubt.

  7. If I see this question I always know that there’s a 1 in 7 chance that it’s Friday.

    Personally I answer what I’m asked. You asked this question, which is asked rather a lot, and I answered. Does that not make you happy?

  8. probably to gain insight why people believe. a way of keeping up with things.
    or maybe to point out why people might be wrong to them.
    i’ve been a bahai for a few years but i still have some pagan in me.
    questions should always be asked to get that enlightenment.

  9. I’ve often wondered that myself. I don;t hang around boards I have no interest in. But I found the answer in the bible:

    Rev 20:7 ¶ And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

    Rev 20:8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth…

  10. Because they are forever trying to prove God doesn’t exist, so they will think they are getting out of going to hell.

  11. we are debating spirituality itself. As an atheist this is the only aspect of religion that is still pertinent in our society. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a Hindu, a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim…you’re absolutely wrong on a fundamental level and i’m here to show you why. I believe religion is dangerous and I will honestly do anything I can to weaken it’s grip on society as much as i can.

    Weather you believe in Jesus or Krishna or Mohamed it’s all just fairy tall bullshit that takes away from people ability to think rationally. So many terrible things have been done in the name of fictional characters and it is WAY past time for the human race to abandoned these ridiculous superstitions.

  12. To teach people how to use the search function. I’ve answered this 3 times today.

    I hang out here because:
    1) I can
    2) It’s the most entertaining Y!A board
    3)Its really funny how delusional people can be
    4) Do i NEED a reason?
    5) Etc Etc

    Edit: 6) because 10-20% ( estimating) of the questions are directed at Atheists or pertaining to the belief or nonbelief in a deity.

  13. I would like to see atheists spend every Sunday at church. If they like to spend time here, then they will love church.

    Atheists feel safe here. They can ridicule religion with impunity and ignore people easily. If someone exposes their foolishness and soundly refutes their arguments, the atheists can simply block them. That has happened to me a lot. They cannot beat me with logic, so they just shut me out. A few examples are:
    Dreamstuff Entity
    Reverend Wing Wang Woo Woo

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