Dowsing for Healing 3 (Divine Gesture) 1 of 3

Grandmaster David Harris teaches and demostrates the secret Shun Shen Tao technique know as the “Divine Gesture”. With this ablitiy a person can dowse without the need of materials such as a rod, stick, or pendulum. The person needs nothing but themself and their connection to God. “Divine Gesture” is one of the most advanced dowsing techniques in the world! Once a great secret, now free to you. Enjoy and be blessed.

22 thoughts on “Dowsing for Healing 3 (Divine Gesture) 1 of 3

  1. GM Harris, I really like your good sense of humor, you are a great teacher to learn from. Thanks for this lesson, it is very helpful for many different applications. Great for making decisions in a timely manner.

  2. One of my teachers always said, “Never take yourself too seriously, nobody else does.”

    Take Care.

  3. David can you use Dowsing look for gold
    thank you
    David I bet inside of you there is a funny guy

  4. Hello,

    When I do Divine Gesture (which is quite often & half the times mentally, which is just as effective as I have discovered :=O ), I usually make a longer protocol up in my mind and after I have said it once and leave it on the automatic, I just finish with “please continue until the protocol is complete”. I am not sure whether this is as effective as it would be when I’d do this 1 command at a time.
    Can I do this the way I mentioned and still get the max benefit?

    Thank you & peace

  5. There are no stupid questions? That is a very good question.
    The more you ask questions the more you show the teacher that he may know what he means by a term but everyone else may not know what he means.

    Everyone who knows how to do something does not necessarily know how to teach. Asking questions help such a person LEARN how to teach.

    Not all healers use the same terms either, so again your questions help.

  6. To install energy patterns or unistall energy patterns. Everything has an energy pattern. If you don’t have the physical substance then you can manifest the energy of the substance and it will give you a very similar effect. I hope this helps.

  7. Sorry for the stupid question, but what does “install” and “uninstall” really mean in a dowsing context?

  8. I am a Grandmaster of Martial Arts, not Dowsing. We use Dowsing in our Martial Art. I hope this helps.

  9. You are very correct! This video is a step towards that. But, the abilty to Hear/Know the answer or the feeling is the higher level technique. You should check out my stuff on “Yes Therapy”. That would show you how to do the other techniques.

  10. I beleive you can use you body instead of the typical tools….But I have always felt you do not need you body or tools….but simply the inner voice. Do you hear/feel the inner voice to make your body move?

  11. That’s Great. With a little pratice I am sure you will find it to be of great benefit.

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