I Ching Stalk Method Step-by-Step

A step by step demonstration of the I Ching stalk manipulation method used to form the 6-line kua. Note: 9 stalks receive the value of 2 8 stalks receive the value of 2 5 stalks receive the value of 3 4 stalks receive the value of 3 Add the values derived from the 6 separate manipulations 6 = ___ ___. 7 = ______ 8 = ___ ___ 9 = ______. Please see the video response “An I-Ching Reading” for another demonstration of this method including numerical conversions. Music by Stewart Copeland “Charmed Ridge” Spyro the Dragon 3 The Year of the Dragon

25 thoughts on “I Ching Stalk Method Step-by-Step

  1. Thanks, this is so much clearer than the book I’m reading, clarifies the method (you specified pinky, for instance; I put the stick between 4th & fifth finger- thumb side!) It’s downhill from thereon. So there are six groups of three recorded numbers. Do I add the three numbers & get total for each? It helps if you can make a video of the Part Two of this– consulting the key to Hexagram. But thanks, really.

  2. I recognized the music from Spyro as soon as I heard it, and it brings back great memories. Also the stalk method is really interesting.

  3. i love the music, i love the games its from :D. so i just bought an I ching set today and i tried this, you say we should have 5 or 9 sticks? i have 6 :S

  4. ZOMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I’ve been looking for an instructional video on this meathod. I knew 2 out of 3 meathods for I Ching and this was the one I spent hours trying to understand.

  5. i’m sorry you feel the music is ridiculous. i know there are many Stewart Copeland fans who would disagree.
    now polka music, that would be ridiculous.
    btw, combining music i love with an activity i love is not an insult, it is doing honor.

  6. actually, polka might have been fun too =) im not aware of the reasonings for the actions in the video but you dont need to be so maticulous about the style of music that goes into it. for a lay woman such as me, it kept me very interested to see what resulted in the end… i didnt quite understand it but it was interesting, w good way of ramdomizing numerical inputs for sure!!! no disrespect to the vids creator


  7. Why the ridiculuous music. This is a sacre ritual for centering oneself, calling upon any dieties (especially those for divinere) so that one receives an answer one is OPEN to receiving. Why not try polka music. This is an insult to divination. Midaughter

  8. Wow thanks for putting this online. I was wanting to study Iching – and this has got me interested even more.

  9. Please see the video response to this vid “An I-Ching Reading” it shows the conversion. i made this in response because many people asked me to clarify this process. thanks for watching.

  10. I just want to say a great THANK YOU for making this video! 😀 i finally know how to do the yarrow stalk method,YAY!!

  11. I am finding my love for the I-ching growing daily–amazing wisdom and each time it feels RIGHT ON! I’ve worked with various forms of divination in the past, but resonate the most with I-ching. There is direct channeling (which I do), but I find the i-chich to validate my intuition and also add depth of wisdom from the basic teaching, Book of Answers. I hope your service and generosity (videos) will return to you a thousand-fold! Can’t wait to work with the yarrows. All the Best, Joy Star

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