Rainbow – Rising – 01 – Tarot Woman

Please ignore the watermark (the scrolling grey text at the top)! Tarot Woman, track one from the Rainbow 1976 magnum opus ‘Rising’. Written by Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore. Why Rainbow only managed to make one decent album is beyond me. But they did (although it was short, 33:28), and this opening track has a major hold on me- you try listening to it without air drumming when Cozy comes in- i find it impossible. Awesome track, great use of keyboards in a metal context (Tony Carey). Stereo thanks to helpful YouTubers.

25 thoughts on “Rainbow – Rising – 01 – Tarot Woman

  1. @MetalReaperDanielR Ronnie James did not die, he’s fighting Space Ninja Pirates led by the evil robot Hitler King to save the fair maidens and the orphanages with Jimi hendrix in the X dimension.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  2. i have this on vinyl and when i heard that this guy died i cried for hours on the night
    i tried to hld it together but it got out one way or another… this album is just beauty. it goes beyond realms of music. this is art.

  3. My favorite favorite favorite song ever from Rainbow (expect for Stargazer off the same album (on VINYL people) although now I thinks it’s it a tie) . And when I say favorite, I mean favorite rock or metal song of the LAST 35 YEARS. Yeah. That’s right. The funny thing is I AM a Tarot Woman – I do tarot and I do it well. (Not for money, as a favor.) As I said before, Blackmore + Dio = THE BESTEST AND MOST MAGICALLNESS ROCK IN THE WORLD.

  4. I think all 3 of the studio albums Dio did with Rainbow were pretty good. Although I will say, this one is my favorite.

  5. @motlencore89 Don’t worry people! In the bible it says theres a second coming for the son of god… He will be back :).

  6. I remember when I first got Rainbow Rising on CD in February of 1994, my best friend Dennis and I were both heavily into Dio’s music with Rainbow, Sabbath and on his own. Everyone laughed at us for liking Dio at a time when it was seen not cool to like metal or even progressive rock. My best friend had bought Dio’s Strange Highways the same week. We swapped albums for a week (I dubbed Rising onto tape until I got my CD back). We then bought our own copies of CDs we swapped a week later.

  7. @Kennydal37 I’m sorry, I just have personal issues with Elvis’s music, When I was young my dad forced me to listen to it as we were driving in the car. There was no escape! it still gives me nightmares!

  8. @puffintuffer I agree with you but don’t call elvis yuk! He was one of the greatest showman ever, just like dio.

  9. @Balisong72 These are the roots of metal, It’s just a bit heavier than hard rock, when it was brand new we called it heavy, so i suppose if you want to call it heavy rock that’s ok, just don’t call it rock ‘n roll, when you say that I think of Elvis,…..uuuuuuhhhhgg…yuk!
    For me, Rainbow is heavy metal.

  10. Dave – leeds – saw them live in 1976 AWESOME what a line up, Blackmore,Dio,Powell,Carey,Baine, one of the best nights i’ve ever had

  11. I worshiped these guys most of my life but if Id ever met them they probably wouldnt give me the time of day. Theres someone who died an agonizing death for you and offers you all´╗┐ the riches of heaven and earth and life forever. Its a no brainer man. Ask King Jesus to come into your life. You wont regret it!

  12. One of the best Synthesizer/keyboard playing on a metal/hard rock album i have ever heard.
    All hail Tony Carey and Rainbow ofc!

  13. Great album for sure! I belive they produced it for free, so uncomercial and independent! R.I.P Ronnie, we miss you

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