Sibylla Palmifera – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Under the arch of Life, where love and death, Terror and mystery, guard her shrine, I saw Beauty enthroned; and though her gaze struck awe, I drew it in as simply as my breath. Hers are the eyes which, over and beneath, The sky and sea bend on thee, – which can draw, By sea or sky or woman, to one law, The allotted bondman of her palm and wreath. This is that Lady Beauty, in whose praise Thy voice and hand shake still, – long known to thee By flying hair and fluttering hem, – the beat Following her daily of thy heart and feet, How passionately and irretrievably, In what fond flight, how many ways and days!

6 thoughts on “Sibylla Palmifera – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

  1. @arcanus121 The mysterium fascinans does not reside in his verse, but in the woman who inspired it. Like so many poets, as you know from experience, he sucked out the life of a good woman to transmute into his art. It was a selfish and fraudulent act perpetrated upon a creative, loving and supportive woman. He turned her into a husk after he mistreated her in the name of his divine love.

  2. Wonderful Henry. This reminds us of the majestic strength and mysterium fascinans of DGR’s verse. Many thanks for your lovely rendition. Food for our hungry souls.

  3. Sorry I’ve removed a couple of comments on your recent uploads, only because they posted twice by accident or were redundant due to technical glitches. I’m not removing a comment of praise for your poetry video. I so appreciate your sharing these.

  4. You have a very dark voice but its somehow loving, very appropriate for this poem. I love the way it feels like the voice of the portrait. very touching x

  5. Oh wow, what a discovery! I am very happy to see and hear this. What an exquisite reading. I would like to save it in favorites and in my Romanticism/PRB playlist if you don’t mind. It would be a pleasure.

    How are you? I hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring. All the best, Erika

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