What chart aspects are the “hot spots” for soul mates?

I’ve heard of aspects between two people that are “soul mate” material. For example, Venus-Pluto conjunction creates intense sexual attraction and Moon-Moon trine creates emotional comfortability.

What chart aspects will indicate a strong soul mate connection?
how do I figure out my love asteroids?
yea, i don’t think “comfortability” is a word lol. but hopefully, you know what i mean.

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  1. soul-mate attraction is greatly influenced by the love asteroids (eros, psyche, sappho, cupido, valentine, amor) , which surprisingly a lot of people are not aware of.
    The greatest soul mate aspect between these asteroids are eros & psyche, if they conjunct or trine together you can be sure that the relationship between you are your partner is meant to be.
    When the asteroids make an aspect to the planets, it would be more one-sided. For example, If your amor trines your lover’s Sun you would have unconditional love for them but the feeling wouldn’t be mutual, they would have to have there amor make a harmonious aspect to one of your planets too.

    Sign up for http://www.astro.com, look for the section that gives natal charts and fill it out your birth info.
    Then at the bottom theres a small box that allows you to type in the #’s for the Asteroids so they’ll be on your chart.
    Here are the numbers for the asterods…

    (433) Eros
    (80) Sappho
    (16) Psyche
    (1221) Amor
    (447) Valentine
    (763) Cupido

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