Dowsing rods in ghost hunting

Leading ghost expert Richard Felix tells you everything you need to know about how to become a successful ghost hunter. Richard uses dowsing rods to find a spirit.

15 thoughts on “Dowsing rods in ghost hunting

  1. who knew that lifeless metal rods, will respond to questions and point at things. someone call ICP f***ing miracles. excuse me while i “point to the moron on my screen, point to the moron on my screen.”

  2. Why do you assume there is a spirit in the room? Why do you assume you can communicate with an imagined spirit via two rods. Luckily for frauds like you most people are gullible. The natural world is marvellous enough without invoking magic.

  3. ok so it was my first time using these dowsing rods tonight…*5-5-10* and they worked…3 of my friends and i were in a hotel and we brought them over after my friend had to move out of her house…and we decided to see if anything would happen…sure as shit we got results…we had a good encounter the spirits seem to be nice….finding out more tomorrow night.

  4. i believe my grandma and a little boy named Jonathan are ghost in my house and im thinking about buying some ghost hunting equipment like this to communicate with them.

  5. oh Richard. More lies from you. You claim to be a serious historian and then you do this shite.

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