how to read runes 1

Part 1 of 3, a quick description on how to read runes and a rather detailed explaination of the “celtic cross” rune reading spread. sorry about cutting this one so short, I ran into a bit of an issue half way through.

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  1. @toktz1 as with many other things, magic is neither black nor white, neither dark nor light. it is the intent of the user that makes any tool or magic good or bad, malignant or benign. but in my personal experience no, runes are neither dark nor black magic.

  2. re: princessannikki – You can buy blank tarot cards, playing cards ,mtg(Magic the Gathering) have a nice gold border, you can draw rune, name at top, meaning in the text box. You can make them out of that plastic clay, use permanent markers to color/mark, out of regular clay, paint and glaze. River stones are easy to use, just get a vice and hammer and cheap screwdriver (or a real chisel), and of course trees if you can find the proper ones, are optimal. Some ideas for ppl if they need them.

  3. Wow, I prefer Runes for the same reasons as you. They were the first divination tool I felt really drawn to as well, so maybe I have a more natural feel for them as opposed to the Tarot.

  4. Great video! I feel the same way about Runes and Tarot. I designed some Rune cards – kind of like Tarot – to help me focus on the meanings, so they have pictures on them to symbolise the meaning. It helps to memorise. It’s the same way I learned to speak Swedish. n_n

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