What has been the most pleasant surprise you’ve ever received?

As Valentine’s day is coming, I would like to do something very romantic and unexpected for my fiancee. Can you remember of events that made you gasp with surprise and happiness? (Something more unusual that candle-lit dinner, long romantic walk or star gazing). Please share your memories or imagination!!! Thanks.

6 thoughts on “What has been the most pleasant surprise you’ve ever received?

  1. well, i know how u feel,you really need to make this day unforgetable for ur life time,make him a present that he will use everyday or maybe something he would wake up to see every morning and remember ur love.As what to do that day,
    you know his routine everymorning.he wakes up ,washes his face etc.let him find a flower and a note at everyplace in the house that day different way to send him a bouquet and a card.at night,go to a romantic place or maybe the first place you met and remember the first day u met and all the other memories that passed.wISH U LUCK AND HAPPINESS THAT DAY

  2. Lol About a year ago on Valentines day my hubby was coming home from work and I was at home just finishing some laundry in my apt building he comes barging in to the house and Yells My Name and Then Says” Your Panties are all out in the hallway for the neighbours to see!” So in extreme embarrassment I run into the hall and a couple of nosey neighbours peeped there heads out to see what was going on and there were no panties but roses everywhere and I mean everywhere lol and then he treated me to whatever I wanted ordered in ( Chinese ) a Romantic Movie “The Note Book” and then a extremely awesome massage it was Beautiful for me and even he enjoyed it lol he pulled some more pranks on me that evening but there more personal lol

  3. My best surprise gift was about 3 years ago. My husband told me to get dressed in a sexy evening gown and then sent me out to the car with my makeup bag and hair stuff. He told me he wanted me to surprise him with how I looked. I was a bit confused, but did it anyway.

    Well, When I was finished I came back in the house and right away I saw that he had straightened the living room, started the dishwasher, vacuumed, and laid out a dozen roses all over our bed. Then he told me he got reservations at an exclusive restaurant and we would spend the night eating, dancing, and then return home and watch a romantic movie and *edited for content* 😉

  4. I’m not sure if this helps but I’ll share with you my plan for Valentines. I work backstage so I was able to get the theater for 10-15 minutes. There’s already an excuse to get her to go. Once she walks into the center of the theater, she will see a sign saying Will you be my Valentine hanging from the rafters. Afterwards, I’ll appear and ask her to dance. If she says yes, then I will escort her to the center of the stage and signal to a friend in the tech booth to kill the lights, turn on the spotlight and turn on a slow song. It will be just the two of us in the theater. Good luck coming up with something.

  5. For my birthday, which was Halloween, my honey bought me Green Bay Packers tix in Lambeau! We did a whole road trip, went to Cleveland first to see his Browns play, then went to Mall of America in Minnesota, then to GB!! When we came home on 10/30 and the clock struck midnight, he wished me happy birthday and gave me a bag with a “small” gift-it was the right hand diamond ring I wanted. I was soooo not expecting it, since the tix and the trip were plenty but it was wonderful and he always tells me he wants to suprise me that way everytime and see that look of happiness on my face. Good luck!

  6. M y husband and I were broke this year so we said we wouldn’t buy each other gifts for Christmas, he bought a snow globe and put pics of our 10 month old in it. I cryed it was beautiful, best gift I ever got.

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