2 thoughts on “Andrew Wyeth’s ‘Christina’s World – has this been on a book cover? ?

  1. Er, I’m sorry if my answer doesn’t help but I think it might be familiar to you only because it’s such a well known painting. Maybe a doctor you went to had it hanging in their office (that’d be depressing lol) or something like that. It might have been on a book cover but I doubt it because it might be a challenge to get rights for something like that?

  2. The painting is considered one of the greatest American paintings of the 20th century, and Andrew Wyeth’s greatest work. It was on the cover of an oversized art book called “Christina’s World” about Andrew Wyeth and his paintings, printed in 1982, and was in a lot of book stores (I remember it). If you were too young in the 80’s, perhaps you saw it in a library or someone’s home. Whenever someone has a restrospective or article about Andrew Wyeth, they also frequently include a picture of this painting.

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