Any comments on spirituality and your inner self?

I feel like for a person to be whole on the inside there needs to be faith in something bigger than yourselves. Since the beginning of time there has been some sort of religion/spirituality. I don’t think people can be whole on the inside if they don’t believe in something. A person constantly wandering around in life with no purpose, questioning everything is probably a very unhappy person.

4 thoughts on “Any comments on spirituality and your inner self?

  1. I don’t think you have a deep insight into the psyche of other people. Lacking belief in the supernatural doesn’t mean that one has no purpose in life.

  2. My inner self had two double quarter pounders for lunch today. My inner self is satisfied.

  3. Good thing you believe in something then. Everyone does not feel the same way, and as such, they can be perfectly happy without religion or spirituality.

  4. I don’t like to make any statement that leans towards making an Atheists beliefs invalid, I know plenty of atheists who are perfectly happy w/out having faith in God, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain that…that doesn’t change my faith, my spirituality is always forming and my faith in God is always growing, and mutual respect for other’s beliefs is key to my spiritual sanity.

    I come on here and debate with all sorts of people, and maybe I even come across “trollish” at times, but I really dig the views of others…I used to practice wicca…I came back to Christianity…I respect others as long as they are out to harm nobody.

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