2 thoughts on “In regards to chinese astrology is a male ox and a female snake compatible?

  1. Certainly! Ox & snake by pretty much all sources are looked at as an idealised match. If you are going by the accurate dating of the traditional zodiac then yes.

  2. There are different angles to look at this. You provided only the birth year information and no other detail info –

    . From 5 elements point of view, ox is earth, and snake is fire. Fire generates earth (ash).

    . From traditional folk culture, when the age difference is 3/6/9/12/15, there would be compatibility issue.

    . But these are really too basic and too shallow approaches to use. You’d need to bring their birth info, including year, month, day, hour, to a Ba Zi (Four Pillars) master to review the whole thing for compatibility.

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