What are a few similarities between angels and demons?

I’m writing a diamante poem (childish yet effective), and I need a few ideas that compare angels and demons. I have come up with that they both have wings and both are religious symbols, but I could use a few more. Any ideas?

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  1. Demons were angels before they refused to obey God. This created a war in Heaven, and Michael cast them out to the earth,which is thier domain.

  2. As they are both imaginary, they can be whatever you want them to be. You can say that they both have a third eye, or anything else you choose, and no-one can disprove it. After all, you ARE writing poetry!

  3. Demons are an evil supernatural being; a devil.
    In religion, folklore, and mythology a demon is a supernatural being that has generally been described as a malevolent spirit, and in Christian terms it is generally understood as a Fallen angel, formerly of God. A demon is frequently depicted as a force that may be conjured and insecurely controlled. The “good” demon in recent use is largely a literary device, though references to good demons can be found in Hesiod and Shakespeare.In common language, to “demonize” a person means to characterize or portray them as evil, or as the source of evil.

    Angels are a typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth, Angels are messengers. They are messengers from spirit allowing us a greater understanding and connection to Spirit.
    Angels are different from guides in that they have not lived an Earth time existence; angels are of the stars and heavens, guides are of the Earth. They are divine beings who have not experienced the Earth plane in a human body. They do not have karma or evolutionary issues to work out from having lived on Earth. Angels are celestial beings of a higher vibrational level than guides.

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