7 thoughts on “What is the study of using herbs and stuff like that to use as medicine?

  1. As an alternate answer, the scientific investigation of plants and animals to find medicines is called pharmacognosy. The American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) is a professional organization of people in this field. It jointly publishes The Journal of Natural Products with the American Chemical Society. One of its early leaders was Varro “Tip” Tyler.
    Of course, herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kampo (Japan), and Ayurveda (India) are other pursuits of using herbs for medicine.

  2. It is usually referred to as herbology.

    Herbology has the distinction of being the only AM that is actually plausible, though claims for improved efficacy and safety over modern pharmaceuticals are lacking much supporting evidence.

  3. Herbalism or herbal medicine. In most nations it played an important part in medicine, and is still very important. Many of the herbs that were and are used to treat certain diseases and conditions, have scientifically been proven to be effective. If you wan’t to find more about herbal medicine, you can check out the link mentioned as a source.

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