Shadows, a poem. I thought of this while looking at my candle lit room…?


A dimmed light casts shadows across the room,
Pure black objects of mystery and deception.
Light, constant on half of the object’s view
And absent on the opposite’s mockery.
I, you, we sit in silence on the floor;
Rather, you on the couch and me lying amongst
The deepened chasm that exists between shadows.
Candles upon the open window’s seal
Reminds me of a simpler time when perhaps
A couple like us would be reading books
Or discussing religion and philosophy.
But you and I, we say nothing.
Darker and darker the wick of the candle fades
Just as all hope in an uncertain world vanishes
Amidst the emptiness of the shadows.
Though I do not directly look at you,
I can tell you are focused elsewhere.
Not anything particular like a movement
Or perhaps an interesting shape of a ceiling formation.
No, you gaze into nothingness and exist there.
Sometimes I think of speaking, perhaps I shall
Share some insight into a particular object of intrigue.
But you, you would not be satisfied.
Lying amongst the opposites is the only way for you.

1 thought on “Shadows, a poem. I thought of this while looking at my candle lit room…?

  1. I think that this poem is amazing(:
    You could be a challenge in a poetry contest.
    Keep writing. 😀

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